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頭型實在有夠老土!你看小芭比...簡直是Beyonce!! (小胖版Beyonce啦) 還有惠妮也用LV!!


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The Crazy Kids (and Whitney doesn't like sharks)

Family Sing-A-Long

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小報天后本週發動大猛攻,全美主要的幾本娛樂雜誌都被她上遍了 - InTouch, US, People, Star, National Enquirer,有不少還是全頁面的大篇幅報導,內容都是說她looking great!!,請點小圖放大。

 First: In Touch Weekly (full page!!)

 Second: STAR Weekly (full page!!) 

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Being Bobby Brown follows Brown, his wife, pop superstar Whitney Houston and his extended family over the course of six months as they put their respective lives back together. The series will also demystify Brown's relationships with Houston; their daughter, Bobbi Kristina; his children from previous relationships, La Princia and Bobby Jr.; and his brother Tommy, Bobby's personal manager.

One of the hottest R&B stars of the late 80s and early 90s, Brown is credited for popularizing New Jack Swing, which is hybrid style of R&B or soul music combined with Rap or Hip-Hop rhythms. A founding member of New Edition, Brown left the group in 1986 to embark on a solo career. Brown's second solo album, "Don't Be Cruel," which was released in 1988, landed him on the cutting-edge of modern R&B and spawned the no. 1 hit "My Prerogative," the ballad "Roni," and "Every Little Step," which earned him a Grammy in 1989 for Best Rhythm and Blues Vocal Performance, Male. Brown's other hits include the "Ghostbusters II" theme "On Our Own," "She Ain't Worth It," "Humpin'Around," "Good Enough," "Get Away," and "That's the Way Love Is." 

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6-17 惠妮帶著她的約克夏在紐約街頭出現,她先去看了牙醫,然後到唱片公司開會。她的新專輯目前預定今年11月發行。


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刊登於本期Entertainment Weekly裡的廣告


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音樂娛樂界黑人女性執行長協會將於8/19舉辦年度的高峰會,會中將表揚多位星媽,包括Jonnetta Patton (Usher), Cissy Houston (Whitney Houston), Carolyn London (Tyra Banks), Rita Owens (Queen Latifiah), Roberta Shields (Ludacris), Dr. Donda West (Kanye West), Deloris Jordan (Michael Jordan), Sonja Norwood (Brandy), and Mahalia Hines (Common),感謝她們辛苦地照料這些橫跨各領域的傑出表演者並細心管理他們的事業。

一連五天的活動包含了餐會、一系列關於事業、財產、人際關係管理的座談會、幫助大家擴充人脈和精彩的LIVE表演。更多活動訊息請看 www.nabfeme.org


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Source: National Enquirer


目前巴比一共積欠前妻Kim Ward和其兩個小孩LaPrincia and Bobby Jr. 六萬美元的贍養費及四萬三千美元的大學教育基金。六月一號的庭訊中,巴比本應向法官解釋他將如何償還這筆欠款,當天無故缺席的他目前正被火大的法官通緝中。(然而此拘捕令儘於麻州生效,巴比目前仍躲在喬治亞州亞特蘭大的家裡逍遙中)


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「到底免費Download歌曲有沒有算進Billboard排行成績?」這個問題隨著Mariah的We Belong Together離奇登上冠軍後成為大家關注的議題,今天愛惠旗艦店就帶著所有好學上進的乖孩子們一起挖掘真相!到底是誰作弊,我們一起把她揪出來!

自從10多年前惠特妮小姐消失在Billboard排行榜後,愛惠的孩子們想必對於看榜都是意興闌珊,因為再怎麼看惠妮都從後面倒數過來,一點都不好玩,但Billboard的排行遊戲規則卻沒有因此停下來(廢話),隨著音樂消費習慣的改變,排行成績的計算加入了一個新玩意:Digital Downloads。

透過像iTunes, MusicMatch等等網路音樂購物的平臺,你只要花少少的0.99美金(約台幣32塊),就可以買到一首超讚的歌(例如: On My Own by Whitney Houston),再也不會出現花379塊買一整張Just Whitney卻發現只有封面漂亮,氣得把它丟到啟元,還被老闆娘拒收的惱人情形!

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Being Bobby Brown
(Bravo, premieres Thursday, 6/30, 10pm/ET)

This verite-style series isn't a train wreck, it's a Hindenburg disaster-and you won't be able to look away. There are no fake setups or goofy sound effects a la NEWLYWEDS or THE ANNA NICOLE SHOW. This is Bobby and Whitney raw: Their burps, fights, rambling conversations-many of them bizarrely scatological-and relationship with long-suffering daughter Bobbi Kristina are laid bare for all to see. The cameras follow them everywhere, including a London vacation (Bobby runs into the Dalai Lama and his bodyguard bleats, "Mr. Lama? This is Mr. Brown!") and an Atlanta spa (Bobby and Whitney cackle raucously over a bottle of champagne). Ever wondered what keeps these two together? This series shows you-and it's not always a pretty sight.

-TV Guide Review

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Black Eyed Peas 新歌 Don't Phunk With My Heart 裡頭有唱到惠妮。



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